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Tara McCulley To All Instructors

Tara McCulley is in her fourth year teaching at Homeschool Connections. She is married and has homeschooled her two daughters since 2007. She has been self-employed for 15 years and has a background in various studies, including journalism, editing, photography, visual arts, poetry, social studies, research, computer science, fitness, nutrition and Bible studies. She graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in Psychology and Art History from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She enjoys traveling on road trips with family and has been to 34 states, and has visited two other countries. She also enjoys cooking and reading about a plethora of subjects. She participates in several volunteer efforts and serves in the media, children’s ministry and other programs at her church. She loves educating all ages, because sharing the joys of learning is a significantly important and inspiring part of life.

Current Classes
Anatomy for Kids (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
Art Around the World (F24-RF-LE) – (open)
Art Around the World (F24-RF-UE) – (open)
Drawing Adventures (F24-RF-MS/HS) – (open)
Exploring Painting (F24-RF-LE) – (open)
Exploring Painting (F24-RF-MS/HS) – (open)
Exploring Painting (F24-RT-MS/HS) – (open)
Exploring Painting (F24-RT-UE) – (open)
Intro to Drawing (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
Psychology (F24-RT-HS) – (open)
Wise Detectives: Critical Thinking (F24-RT-HS) – (open)
Write and Illustrate a Book 2 (F24-RF-UE) – (open)