Homeschool Classes Services and Support

Core Values

God-Honoring & Grace-Filled

We strive to honor God in all we do. 

• We are welcoming to all

• We show love and grace to all we encounter

• Our curriculum is presented from a Conservative worldview – not contradictory to Biblical principles


We connect with and elevate each other. 

• We partner, mentor, and support parents on their educational journey

• We foster a spirit of collaboration among students, families, and staff

• We create opportunities to make CONNECTIONS


We know where we are and what is needed to get where we want to go. 

• We know and focus on what we do best

• We create a customized educational experience 

• We offer engaging, high-quality classes

• We are firm but fair in our expectations

• We are future-focused and forward thinking both inward (our team) and outward (our clients) in how we work and serve our families


We take responsibility and pursue excellence using our individual strengths, expertise and experience.

We elevate and empower each other

• We utilize our strengths to fulfill our purpose

• We energetically work in our areas of passion

• We see our work as our calling, not just our job