Here's how to register for our classes!

1. After completing a New Parent Orientation, log into your family account

If you don't have a family account, click "Join" in the top right-hand corner of our website.

2. Choose the campus you would like to register at in order to view the class schedule.

3. Click on the class…

4. …and then click on the check box next to your child’s name.

Note: your child’s grade level must match the grade level for the class. If you have a reason for an exception, please request an exception by emailing the admin team at [email protected]. (Teachers are not able to give exceptions.)

To view and manage your child/children’s class registrations, click “Manage Class Registrations”. Then you can view current, future, and canceled classes for each of your children.

You can also view and manage your child's class registrations through the Parent Dashboard.

If you need assistance, please contact [email protected].