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Melissa Wagner To All Instructors

 My name is Melissa and I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years and have been married for 10. I have one daughter who is 9 years old whom I have homeschooled since 1st grade. I have also taught at our co-op and at our church. My favorite way to teach is through hands-on learning! It's fun to watch kids learn through play, experiments, or projects. The things I like to do are study my bible, make art, exercise, and getting out into nature. I also love to spend as much time as I can with my daughter and husband.

Current Classes
Gym Games (W24-CL-MS/HS) – (open)
Intro to Sports (W24-CL-K/LE) – (open)
Intro to Sports (W24-CL-UE) – (open)
Fitness is Fun! (F24-CL-MS/HS) – (closed)
Fitness is Fun! (F24-CL-UE) – (closed)
Gym Games (F24-CL-LE) – (closed)
Myriad of Movements (F24-CL-LE) – (closed)
Myriad of Movements (F24-CL-MS/HS) – (closed)
Myriad of Movements (F24-CL-UE) – (closed)