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Stephanie Landon grew up in Lake Orion and graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education in ’99. She taught general music, choir, and musical theater in public and private schools before deciding to stay home with her kids and homeschool. She also developed a homeschool Preschool/Kindergarten program at her church, where she loved working hands-on with the young children. 2021-2022 was Stephanie’s first year teaching at Homeschool Connections, but her children have been students here for years. She lives in South Lyon with her husband and 2 children. Stephanie enjoys the outdoors- camping, swimming, hiking, and gardening.

Current Classes
Baby Sitter's Toolkit (F24-CL-UE/MS) – (open)
Drama Club (F24-BR-UE) – (open)
Drama Club (F24-CL-LE) – (open)
Drama Club (F24-CL-MS/HS) – (open)
Drama Club (F24-CL-UE) – (open)
Keyboarding (F24-BR-UE) – (open)
Keyboarding (F24-CL-LE/UE) – (open)
Kindergarten 1 (F24-BR) – (open)
Kindergarten 2 (F24-BR) – (open)
Kindergarten 3 (F24-BR) – (open)
Percussion: Shake, Rattle, and Drum (F24-BR-K/LE) – (open)
Playing the Recorder (F24-CL-UE) – (open)