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Janice Smith To All Instructors

  Janice began teaching for Homeschool Connections in 2019.  She is a veteran teacher who has been teching for over 33 years.  She has also taught at Highpoint Hybrid Academy.  Janice holds a B.A. degree from Wayne State University in French, Spanish, and Language Arts.  She obtained her MA in Education also from Wayne State University.  Janice has always loved teaching and felt that she was born to be a teacher.  She feels vey much "at home" in the classroom.  Janice has said, "I have promised myself to never stop reevaluating and familiarizing myself with current research and new ways of learning.  Teaching and learning can and should be exciting!"  She enjoys walking, reading and spending time with her 3 grown daughters.

Current Classes
A Trip Around the World (F24-CL-UE) – (open)
A Trip Around the World (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
A Trip Around the World (F24-RT-UE) – (open)
Emerging Readers (F24-CL-LE) – (open)
Emerging Readers (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
Playing with Parts of Speech (F24-CL-UE) – (open)
Playing with Parts of Speech (F24-RT-UE) – (open)