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Wendy Kapusta To All Instructors

Except for a short period where I wanted to move to New York and become a dancer, I have wanted to be a teacher since I was five years old! I started in the public schools as a special education teacher where I worked with middle school students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. Once I had my own children, I just couldn't give them up to the schools for eight hours a day, so I homeschooled each of my four kids through middle school. After some major life changes, I ended up needing to go back to a paid job, which led me to Homeschool Connections! I am blessed to have taught for Connections since 2011! 

Current Classes
Beginner Novelist (W24-RF-HS) – (open)
From Books to Big Screen (W24-RF-MS) – (open)
Literature through Cinema (W24-RF-HS) – (open)
Perfecting the Essay (W24-RF-HS) – (open)
Words Around the World the IEWay (W24-RF-MS) – (open)
World Literature & Composition (W24-RF-HS) – (open)
American Literature & Composition (F24-RF-HS) – (closed)
Anything but the Book (F24-RF-HS) – (closed)
British Literature & Composition (F24-RF-HS) – (closed)
Creative Writing (F24-RF-MS) – (closed)
Perfecting the Essay (F24-RF-HS) – (closed)
Write and Illustrate a Book 1 (F24-RF-MS) – (closed)