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Lisa Houck To All Instructors

Lisa has been teaching writing and social studies with Homeschool Connections for over 14 years, a homeschool mom for over 25 and loves seeing children grow in  learning!  Having experienced children who were either struggling learners or advanced learners, she strives to make her classes a positive and encouraging environment, and is happy to work with parents who have struggling or advanced learners, and will make accommodations in classwork whenever possible. She loves the freedom for delight-directed education, being creative, and wants students to have more time for the things they enjoy, yet she also understands the importance of setting them up to succeed for high school/college/career training by giving them some structure, taking quizzes in an environment that is out of the home, and learning to follow directions, and meet assignment deadlines. She hopes these activities in small doses helps prepare them for their future, and build their confidence through success!

Current Classes
Beginning Writing (F24-DLT-UE) – (open)
Building Writing Skills and Grammar (F24-DLT-MS/HS) – (open)
Building Writing Skills and Grammar (F24-RT-UE) – (open)
College Prep Writing & Research (F24-DLT-MS/HS) – (open)
College Prep Writing & Research (F24-RT-HS) – (open)
World History - Reformation through the 20th Century (F24-RT-MS) – (open)
Writing with Confidence A (F24-RT-HS) – (open)
Writing with Confidence A (F24-RT-MS) – (open)