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Debbie Tedrick, Visual & Performing Arts Teacher. Email: [email protected]

Debbie has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Central Florida. She is a visual & performing arts teacher, performer, local artist, and entrepreneur. Debbie is an adjunct professor at Rochester University and Oakland Community College and a former professor at UCF Orlando. She is a visual artist, private music teacher, performer (vocalist/pianist/conductor), and writer. As a visual artist and teacher, Debbie owns a company called Second ACT Soaps-n-Such Second ACT Soaps-n-Such. She enjoys vending at fairs and festivals, teaching art classes, and workshops. Her products are featured at Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market in Downtown Rochester, as well as online, and at local artist and farmers markets. As a musician and thespian, Debbie produces, directs, and manages productions, camps, choirs, workshops, and events through her company, InterACT Entertainment. Audition, show, and summer camp info are on the website at: InterACT Entertainment. Debbie loves all things creative, historical, educational, and adventurous. She has traveled to all 50 states and over 15 counties, living in  Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, Orlando & Daytona, FL as well as Detroit, MI. While Debbie loves her students and her exciting artistic work life, her favorite activity (and conversation topic) is her dog, Coda, a Keeshond. Kayaking, biking, and hiking with Coda (and Debbie's husband, Alan) makes the world a happier place! Debbie is very excited to be a part of the teaching team at Homeschool Connections and she looks forward to an educational, fun, and incredibly creative homeschooling semester. 

Current Classes
3D Arts and Crafts (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
3D Arts and Crafts (F24-RT-UE) – (open)
Art Around the World (F24-RT-LE) – (open)
Art Around the World (F24-RT-UE) – (open)
Arts Appreciation (F24-RT-HS) – (open)
Drama Club (F24-RT-MS/HS) – (open)