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Lindsey Stevens To All Instructors

Lindsey Stevens is excited to bring her passion for literature, history, and learning to the
Homeschool Connections community! She is currently a stay-at-home mom with a few side
gigs, and plans to homeschool once her own offspring are old enough. She has a Bachelor of
Arts in Literature and History from Ashland University and is a graduate of the Ashbrook
Scholar program. After graduating in 2013, Lindsey worked for nonprofits based in
Arlington, VA and Indianapolis, IN that focused on promoting discussion of the ideas
behind a free and flourishing society. She then spent a few years in the mortgage industry
before becoming a mama.
Lindsey is married to Joshua and they have a one-year-old daughter (Annalise aka “Annie”).
Outside of the classroom, she enjoys walks with their German Shepherd (Scout), reading,
baking, gardening, and dancing tango.

Current Classes
American Literature & Composition (F24-CL-HS) – (open)
British Literature & Composition (F24-CL-HS) – (open)
Building Better Essays (F24-CL-MS) – (open)
Stories Across the Globe (F24-CL-HS) – (open)
Stories Across the Globe (F24-CL-MS) – (open)
The Five Paragraph Essay (F24-CL-HS) – (open)