You may choose any campus

Students may attend classes at one or more campuses! You can choose to participate in a full day’s worth of classes at a single location or a few classes at different campuses. Classes meet once a week at their respective locations.

  You may choose the number of classes

The schedule of homeschool classes is designed to be flexible enough to allow each family to create a schedule that meets their academic and lifestyle needs.

There is no minimum or maximum for the number of classes you choose for your child.

By enrolling in our classes, you agree to abide by our policies and important dates.

  You may choose your child’s schedule

Schedule Template

To help you pick out our classes, we have created a printable sheet that you can fill out and use to register.

Download Schedule Template Printable 

  Read the description of each class

Schedule Template

When viewing class schedules, select a class for a description, required materials, and additional details!

View Class Schedules 

Are there exceptions to Grade Levels?

We group grade levels together in our classes!

Students may only enroll in classes that are within their grade level. If you have special circumstances, please contact [email protected] to speak with someone about an exception. Students enrolled in classes outside of their age group will be dropped from the class and notified via email. Be sure to verify your student’s grade level through the student portal so you aren’t removed from a class.