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Posted 6/14/16

One of the most daunting parts of homeschooling a child through high school isn’t the teaching at all. It’s figuring out how to create that critical high school transcript. Whether you’re starting at the beginning of your child’s high school career (recommended) or you’ve waited until it’s time to start applying for college, there’s good news. As long as you’ve kept reasonably good records, this doesn’t have to be the ordeal you’re probably imagining. Follow these 3 steps to create a high school transcript for your homeschooler:

  1. Prepare

To create a high school transcript, you’ll need records of the subjects your child has taken as well as grades (and the number of credits) you (or others if your child has taken classes outside the home) have assigned at the end of each course. You’ll also do well to check your state’s graduation requirements and look for sample high school transcripts to model your transcript after.

Sample transcripts

Michigan graduation requirements

GPA calculator

  1. Enter Your Child’s Information

If you’re really skilled, such as with spreadsheets and office software, you can create your own transcript from scratch using a program like Excel or Google spreadsheets. However, this can be frustrating if you’re not an expert in the use of such programs, and why put yourself through that stress? There are plenty of templates on the Internet that you can simply download and complete. No muss, no fuss. And some are even available for free. If you’d prefer not to use a template, you can alternatively choose one of the many online programs that allow you to create your own transcript. While they usually do require a fee, most have handy wizards that walk you through the process step by step.

  1. Get Help

As your child’s homeschool supervisor and parent, the job of creating a high school transcript does fall on your shoulders, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There are many places you can go to for help, beginning with other homeschool parents who have successfully created transcripts for their children. Co-ops and homeschool groups are great places to ask for advice. If you know a homeschool-friendly educator, you can even seek advice from him or her. In some cases, you may even check with the colleges to which your child wants to apply to see what they expect from homeschoolers.

Homeschool Connections is proud to offer transcript creation services. For students who attend our classes, we offer a basic transcript that lists all of the classes the student has taken with us at no charge. For those in need of a comprehensive transcript, we offer custom transcript creation, which includes a consultation to ensure that we fully understand your unique approach to homeschooling so we can create a transcript that reflects what your child has studied, his activities and achievements, and any talents he may possess. This service is available to all homeschoolers, regardless of whether they attend Homeschool Connection classes. Contact us for help with your transcript!