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Posted 8/2/16

For many who are new to the idea of homeschooling, home education seems to be the domain of the stay-at-home parent, often the mom. But the truth is that homeschooling has many, many faces, and wanting or needing to earn a living doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot homeschool your children. It just means that how you accomplish this very important, rewarding process may look a little different.

Can I Work and Homeschool My Child?

I have met many homeschool parents who work a variety of job types while homeschooling their children. Here is how some of them manage to bring home the bacon and teach their children.

Work From Home: For parents who manage to find legitimate work-from-home jobs, this is often a dream come true. It’s the opportunity to earn the money they need and be at home with their children. Work-from-home jobs span the spectrum, ranging from those that involve writing and editing to those that involve teaching and sales.  Though it can be harder to find work-from-home jobs than traditional work-outside-the-home positions, this is a viable option.

Work Outside the Home: Many homeschooling parents find ways to home educate while working what many think of as traditional jobs, and the way this is accomplished varies wildly. Some parents work part-time and schedule time for lessons and activities around this work. Others may work full time and homeschool in the evenings and on weekends. In fact, some homeschoolers work full-time and designate others to help their children with lessons while they are away at work. A homeschooling parent supervises his or her child’s education, and that can include enrolling the child in classes, hiring tutors, or even simply asking a grandparent to help/oversee the child with learning at home. Additionally, there is the option of cyber schooling, which allows the parent to work while the child takes advantage of online instruction.

Running a Business: Much like working from home, running a business often allows parents to have a degree of flexibility that works well for homeschoolers. They are often able to organize their schedules around their home-education goals, earning money while also educating their children at home.

Homeschooling while working is a challenge to be sure, but I’ve met many determined parents who have managed and continue to manage, to make it work for them. Scheduling and organization seem to be among the primary challenges they face, but they rise to the need beautifully.