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Posted 12/12/18

We took to Facebook & asked our followers,

What advice would you give a new homeschooling parent?

We received a lot of great help! We just had to share with you all!

Tip #1

Remember to relax and enjoy the journey!

Tip #2

Think “home learning” not “home school” and maximize that home part.

Tip #3

Utilize the support from those who have homeschooled or are homeschooling. Having that sense of community is priceless.

Tip #4

Teach your son or daughter social skills and manners. Set electronic etiquette guidelines if you allow them to have devices. Encourage them to read and to get a job to learn responsibility. Volunteer and learn how to ask for the donation.

Tip #5

Just start and before you know it, 12 years will have passed. You will be glad this is how you invested your life and made new friends along the way.

Tip #6

Read out loud to your kids daily. Play lots of games to help them learn. Remember that every child learns differently.

Thank you to our friendly contributors! And remember, check out our Facebook page to join our community there!