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Posted 2/25/19

The Left Behind: The Kids series is my favorite Christian book series of all time. It is very well written and appealing. Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye wrote all forty books with the help of Chris Fabry.

The kids’ series is about the Rapture, the point in time when all of the Christians are called to Heaven. The 40 books in the series follow four kids who are left behind. Two of the kids were brought up in a Christian home and had not accepted the Gospel. The other two kids were not brought up in a Christian home, but they had heard the Gospel from their neighbors.

These books are a very good Christian series. All of the books quote scripture and look at things from a Christian standpoint. The four kids accept Jesus by the beginning of the second book. The four kids spread the Gospel as much as they can.

The books should be for kids 12 and up. The books can get a little scary at times. The series is very good and really keeps your attention. There are 40 books in the series, so it will take a while to read.

This blog post was written by our homeschool student Eva.