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Posted 3/5/19

Ms. Kapusta is a writing teacher who attends multiple Homeschool Connections campuses. She attended Central Michigan for a Special Education Degree. Ms. Kapusta said that her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the lightbulb come on in her students’ eyes and her least favorite thing is the time it takes to grade all the papers!

Outside of teaching, she enjoys gardening, traveling, reading, hiking with her dog, and attending concerts. Her favorite author is Ted Dekker and her favorite actor is Keanu Reeves. When Ms. Kapusta writes, she prefers having a pencil in her hand over typing on a keyboard.

When Ms. Kapusta is home for the weekend, her typical Saturday night is often her recovery from the week so she watches Netflix and does jigsaw puzzles on her computer.

This blog post has been contributed by our homeschool student author Brooke.