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Posted 4/16/19

Today I thought it would be cool to interview my friend Hannah. Her favorite thing about Homeschool Connections is going to her classes and learning new things. If she could choose to take a class of her choice, she would take a class about dogs. Hannah has two dogs; their names are Willow and Samson. This is Hannah’s first year at Homeschool Connections, but she loves all her classes.

One of Hannah’s classes is called Citizenship Book Club. In that class they learn how the economy and businesses work. They do lots of projects and make businesses. They make businesses by making something simple out of food, tasting it, and then they guess how much it would cost on the market. They also made posters for the local Fire Department and Police Department.

If Hannah could have a different lunch day instead of pizza day, she would choose to have a taco bar day, so everyone with allergies could make their own. Hannah loves talking with her teachers and playing in the gym after lunch. When Hannah grows up, she would like to work in her youth group.

Thank you to Hannah and her parents for letting her be interviewed.