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Posted 6/13/19
Eva, Student Author

Written by Eva, Student Author

Today, Mouse and Lina were in Citizenship Book Club, and they were having so much fun! Earlier in the first semester, they read a whole series of books about the Tuttle Twins; their names were Ethan and Emily. The books they read were about the government and ideas about entrepreneurship. This semester they were reading The Lemonade War series.

Today they are making posters for the local policemen. “This is so cool!” Lina said in her excited squeaky mouse voice. Mouse and Lina had their own piece of paper that was ripped off of another piece of paper. They had little sequins of glitter and little pom-poms that they grabbed before they fell on the floor. Mouse and Lina were just finishing signing their names before the teacher said, “Okay, time to go to your next class!” The students got their backpacks and went out the door.

When the teacher was bringing the posters out to the lunchroom, Mouse and Lina snuck out with her. They stuck their poster underneath the table and called all of their little mouse friends to come sign their posters. When the two mice got enough signatures to give the posters to Mr. Rat, who was a policeman in the church, they scurried out of the lunchroom and slid it under his door.

Mouse and Lina went back into the lunch room and finished their lunch. They were giggling the entire time, reliving the moment when they slid the poster under Mr. Rat’s door. They could just imagine the smile on his face when he read it and knew that his hard work was appreciated.

Through the use of the K-2 Giraffe Heroes Program, students will be guided into courageous, caring citizenship in the community, from the classroom to the nation, now and in the future. We will complete projects, learn about courageous heroes as well as those in need. Along with that, we will work together to serve others according to choices agreed upon by students.

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