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Posted 6/27/19
Eva, Student Author

Written by Eva, Student Author

Today Mouse and Lina were at the Science Fair. Mouse and Lina were excited to see all of the creative things that the kids came up with. The first table they visited featured a poster board about taste buds. The little girl who did this project explained where the taste buds are located and that children have similar taste buds to their parents. After she explained taste buds, she gave everyone a Laffy Taffy. On Lina’s candy wrapper there was a joke, “What do you call a hen that can count her own eggs?” Mouse guessed many things but none of them were right, so Lina gave him the answer, “A math-a-ma-chicken!” Mouse burst out laughing so hard he cried.

The next table they visited was a table about how fire reacted to carbon dioxide and oxygen. Mouse was very excited about this experiment, but Lina was scared of the fire, so they went on to the next table. This table had an ant farm on it. Lina and Mouse were captivated watching the ants gather sand to make little houses.

Mouse and Lina’s favorite experiment had plants in it. Mouse and Lina loved plants and were very interested in what had happened to the plants. Two of the plants were very big and tasted very good. Lina was happy that Mouse invited her to the Science Fair and they both looked forward to coming again next year. Students will cover a variety of topics from geology to astronomy and maybe even a bit of chemistry thrown in for good measure. In-class discussions will lead to hands-on activities to reinforce concepts.