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Posted 3/11/21
Tarla Gernert

In order to graduate from High School in Michigan a student must complete:

  • Four credits of English Language Arts
  • Four credits of math including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. The Algebra II credit can be covered by equivalent work in a Career Technical Education (CTE) course. The fourth credit can also be covered by CTE.
  • Three credits of social science: U.S. History and Geography, World History and Geography, and a half credit each of Civics and Economics
  • Three credits of science including Biology and Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Agriscience or a CTE credit equivalent of one of those courses. The third science credit can be covered by any one of the previous courses or a computer science course.
  • One credit of visual, performing or applied art
  • One credit of physical education including a half credit of health and a half credit of traditional P.E. The half credit of P.E. can now be covered by “extracurricular activities involving physical activity,” things like sports or marching band.
  • Two credits of foreign language. One credit of foreign language can now be covered at any time in K-12, the other can be waived for CTE credit or art credit. This change is only written in the law for the graduating classes of 2015-2020, it will then be reviewed for effectiveness.

The full language of the two bills can be found on the Michigan Legislative website:
HB 4465
HB 4466
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